How it works

There are many negative effects to hair loss besides the constant clogging of your shower drain. Trying to find a hairstyle with the thinning threads that you have left is one of them. Another one would be that you are more exposed to colds, as your head is no longer covered by a thick mane. The list continues with barren spots on your scalp, dandruff, rashes and the eventual baldness. Thankfully, there is a remedy for all these symptoms that doubles as a treatment for the healthy regrowth of your locks. Its name is Provillus and it has helped thousands of alopecia patients overcome their condition in less than six months of use.

How to grow back your hair at home

There is no secret to the use of Provillus. This is a clinically tested balding remedy that you can take in the comforts of your own home. All you have to do is take two pills with one of your meals every day. After just three months you will notice the first hairs growing from the newly-revived follicles all around your head. The highly-potent formula of this product is composed of natural ingredients only that boost your scalp cells to produce new threads at a faster rate.

Provillus comes in two versions: one produced for men, and the other one created just for women. It is essential that you take the treatment dedicated to your gender. The two alternates contain the same ingredients, but in different proportions. This is a medical method used to supplement the hormonal differences for each sex. For example, women are more prone to suffer from biotin deficiency due to pregnancy, breastfeeding and menopause. As a result, their product has a larger dose of this natural coenzyme.

Minoxidil is the main ingredient of Provillus. This compound has caught the attention of many doctors and dermatologists with its amazing ability to regenerate dead follicles. By taking this treatment on a daily basis you help your head skin cells to develop stronger roots and avoid further shedding. Again, the two gender-dedicated versions contain different amounts of this substance. Therefore, to combat male pattern baldness, the product designed for men contains 5% minoxidil. As women cannot contact this condition, their alternative has only 2% of it, which is enough to encourage the covering of all bald spots.

Provillus works and brings back your hairline

As we grow older, our wellbeing is affected by a great number of ailments. Hair loss is just one of them and it manifests itself through a constant retreat of your precious threads towards the back of your head. Very soon you find yourself with an enlarged forehead and with a newly-found addiction to hats. Provillus is a cost-effective solution that grows back your locks and prevents baldness with no side effects and in record time.

There are very few hair growth treatments on the market that restore your natural mane in less than five years. With Provillus you can gain pull back your hairline to its original place in less than half a year. More than that, if you continue to take these pills simply as a dietary supplement you will maintain your overall health and escape the threat of baldness forever.