How to fortify hair roots with Provillus

More and more men are affected by male pattern baldness. This issue forces them into adopting new haircuts or eccentric remedies without addressing the very root of the problem.

Thousands of shampoos and lotions are advertised as efficient hair loss cures. However, to successfully prevent baldness and generate a healthy regrowth of your mane you have to feed your hair from the inside. No matter how many times you massage your locks per day, it will never amount to the nourishing action of a treatment like Provillus. This product acts directly on your follicles by providing them with the right nutrients that encourages the production of new threads. Just like over 92% of the users, you can grow your crowning glory back in little over six months and with limited effort.

How do I get stronger hair roots?

This is the first question that pops in our mind when a simple brushing leaves chunks of hair lying on the floor. We know that the key to having a thick, luscious mane is to have strong roots that develop new threads on a constant basis. With the help of Provillus you solve this issue immediately. The rich mix of vitamin B6, biotin and minerals ensure the health of your scalp is maintained even in the most adverse conditions.

The locks that hang from the forehead of a person are not only a blessing, but a sign that their follicles are properly nourished, too. You can do the same for the cells on your head by taking a hair loss treatment that has a powerful dose of minoxidil. Provillus contains this highly-efficient compound in a high amount in both gender-related products. Minoxidil is a substance researched more than 50 years ago as a remedy against heart disease and ulcer. Over time, the doctors observed its remedial properties for the scalp’s health and endorsed it as a hair regrowth medication.

Fortify your mane with Provillus!

A secret to having more hair growing on your head is to keep your scalp continuously moist. This ensures that your follicles are protected by outside bacteria. Since you cannot go about your day washing your locks every two hours it is a good idea to keep the skin of your head watery through internal action. Provillus contains an exclusive proprietary blend made from herbal extracts and plant oils that do just that.

Natural growth of new threads will never take place if the rest of your body is not healthy. Internal illnesses are renowned for having adverse action against balding remedies. The good thing about Provillus is that you can even take it as a dietary supplement. With a combination of magnesium, zinc and other essential vitamins you make sure that your new, growing hair is a clear sign of your overall health. More than 82% of consumers have maintained their daily intake of this hair loss treatment long after their bald spots had been covered. This positive habit is a guarantee for their well-being and a constant strengthening of their roots.