Top ingredients to regrow hair

Hair regrowth is possible but it requires a great deal of attention. You cannot prevent balding if you choose the wrong remedy. In order to provide your scalp with the necessary nutrients you need a high-quality combination of natural ingredients such as Provillus. This revolutionary formula sustains your follicles to produce new and healthier threads. Read on and find out just what you need to cure hair loss effectively:


In the 1950’s researchers were avidly looking for a cure for ulcer. A promising result of their tests led to the discovery of minoxidil. While this substance did little to relieve ulcer patients from pain, it showed spectacular effects against hair loss. Since then it has been proven that balding sufferers increase their chances of growing new locks with over 40%.

Provillus has made minoxidil its base ingredient and has included it in its products, according to the specific needs of each gender. Therefore, the version designed just for men contains 5% of this substance, while the one produced only for women has only 2% of it. The difference is explained by the genetic fact that men find it harder to grow threads than women.

Tea Tree Oil

The tea tree is a plant that originates from Australia. The oil that is extracted from it has been proven to combat many illnesses and nourish the body with essential enzymes. Through its antiseptic and antimicrobial properties it eliminates dandruff, scalp rashes and eruptions efficiently. If you want to regrow your hair safely, you should use tea tree oil in combination with minoxidil and other nutrients. Provillus has brought these ingredients together and mixed them into one powerful hair loss treatment that will provide you with a full head of threads in less than a year.

Vitamin B6

The vitamin B complex is known to treat many ailments. These compounds have an internal curing action and can even help your follicles to produce new, luscious locks. By doubling the recommended dose of vitamin B6, Provillus has managed to increase its hair regrowth ability. As one of the main ingredients in such a highly-potent remedy, this natural coenzyme has a decisive role in restoring your hairline.


A bad condition of your health will initially affect your nails and hair. Biotin is a natural compound that will treat your brittle nails and thicken your weakened threads. However, if you do not combine it with other minerals and vitamins it will do little in averting baldness. Provillus has added biotin in its product to increase the remedial values of the herbal extracts and enzymes that have already been established as valid hair regrowth ingredients.

Saw Palmetto extract

This fruit based in North America has baffled scientists with its anti-inflammatory benefits for the scalp. As it has a strong remedial action against male pattern baldness, the saw palmetto extract is one of the most efficient ingredients used to regrow hair. Its inclusion in Provillus product for men is not a surprise. If you fear losing your threads, then this is the right product to use on a daily basis from the first signs of alopecia.