Provillus Ingredients

If every morning you wake up and see your pillow covered with fallen hair you might be suffering from Alopecia areata. This medical condition manifests through a rapid decay of your scalp follicles, causing you to shed your precious locks from a young age.

For an adult it is perfectly common to lose around 50 to 80 threads every day. If you are healthy, you have enough follicles to replace the falling hairs in the same given time. However, if you do not supply your body with the right amount of nutrients, you will lose your mane faster than you think. To prevent complete baldness you should take Provillus on a daily basis. This natural remedy is rich in vitamins, minerals and enzymes that will regenerate your head skin cells and restore your hairline. Read on for a detailed description of the ingredients contained in this hair regrowth solution:

Vitamin B6

Many people believe that vitamin supplements are only for ailing people. Some of them even refuse to take them until they are seriously ill. However, it is crucial for the well-being of your body to take a daily dose of natural compounds like vitamin B6. This coenzyme is crucial in generating new hair and strengthening the roots of your remaining threads. Provillus contains a doubled amount of it to ensure the safe and efficient restoration of your scalp’s health. Also, you can take this remedy even if you have already grown your mane back. This way, you maintain a constant vitamin intake that will only bring benefits to your physical and mental wellness.


This is a health-regulating coenzyme. An abrupt decrease in biotin is one of the first signs of being sick. The next symptoms are revealed as brittle nails and hair loss. If left untreated, biotin deficiency can lead to worse medical conditions and baldness. With Provillus, however, you can maintain a normal level of this natural compound with very little effort. Only a 30g serving per day of this balding remedy will keep your threads shiny and healthy. More than that, your autoimmune system will be further bolstered against other diseases.


This substance cannot be produced by the body, but it is the most effective remedy for hair loss known so far. Minoxidil acts as a follicle resurrecting agent and increases your chances of growing new locks with more than 40%. Provillus provides a powerful dose of minoxidil to help you grow back your mane in a safe and natural way.

Zinc & Magnesium

In order to keep away from damaging medical conditions like alopecia areata you need to have a high-running metabolism. Therefore, you have to take a daily supplement of essential minerals like magnesium and zinc. These two chemicals are included in Provillus to regulate your hormonal imbalance and make you almost immune to hair loss.

Proprietary blend

Just like any remedial medication, Provillus makes good use of a unique combination of herbal essences, minerals and plant oils. As a result, the recommended dose of this treatment contains a blend of extracts from saw palmetto, horsetail, pumpkin and Muira Puama P among others. Just two capsules of this remedy taken every day will ensure you do not suffer from baldness even in the later stages of your life.