Consumer reviews

Is it difficult to grow back your hair? Definitely not, according to more than 95% of Provillus consumers. This people have suffered from different forms of Alopecia areata or male pattern baldness, which caused them to shed their natural mane faster than normal. According to their reviews, they have managed to prevent total baldness and regained their luscious, thick threads with this simple treatment of regrowth and regeneration.

Reviews of men and women

The old-age myth that only men are affected by baldness has been thoroughly busted. Today, the medical world unanimously agrees that both men and women are affected by hair falling out completely. Hormonal differences and hereditary genes make men more prone to shed their whole crowning glory before they even turn 50. It is estimated that the bald male population exceeds with 35% the female segment that is marred by a barren head.

Still, women are likely to suffer from thinning hair and bald spots due to hormonal imbalances generated by pregnancy or menopause. Thankfully, with the simple use of Provillus as a daily treatment against hair loss, women can now escape these problems.

A recent survey made among our female clients that have recently given birth has shown remarkable results. Over 88% of breastfeeding women have managed to stop their threads from falling in large bulks just by taking two pills of this product every day. Even more spectacular is the result showing that the ones who took Provillus from the early months of pregnancy have kept a full head of healthy hair before and after giving birth.

“Provillus works!” – The reaction of Provillus consumers

This is the reaction that most of our customers have when they finally see hair growing back in places where they never thought it would grow again. An informal study has revealed that just fewer than 5% of the Provillus clients did not grow back their full mane in six months. Their recovery took a little longer because of individual causes like hereditary problems, medical history and age. The rest of the patients developed new threads in the first months of use and by the end of the treatment period they could grow shiny new locks from freshly-revived follicles.

If you are tired of all the hair regrowth solutions on the market that fail to deliver their promises, try Provillus and you will avoid baldness. The natural composition of this product makes it a healthy and effective remedy against Alopecia areata or other forms of abnormal shedding. Through a strong mix of vitamins and herbal extracts this treatment is easily assimilated by a body struggling with nutritional deficiencies. In the first months, you do not only regenerate your follicles, but you also restore the full health necessary to a high-running metabolism.

Provillus has no side effects. Up to now, 100% of our users have not experienced any type of negative consequences associated with the daily intake of this hair loss remedy. Start taking this product today if you want to escape the fear of thinning locks and bald spots emerging on your head.