Will hair extensions damage your mane?

Women who struggle with slow hair growth wear extensions to enhance their beauty and to make their natural mane look longer. However, recent studies have shown that using this cosmetic trick might seriously damage the health of your scalp and even generate bald spots.

Whether they are clip extensions, glued extensions or tiny braids coiled around the natural threads, artificial weaves are a direct cause for hair loss in women. Even celebrities like Jennifer Anniston and Serena Williams have suffered almost irreparable damage from using extensions for a prolonged period of time. If you find that your sewn-in weave has made you lose a lot of threads and left you with empty scalp spots it is time to use Provillus. This balding treatment ensures that your natural hair will regain its usual growth with very little effort.

How hair extensions work

There are many types of extensions. The most common one is using clips to attach synthetic strings to your natural locks. The artificial mane hangs heavy and forces your scalp to open its pores even more than usual. This kills off many follicles and very soon you will suffer from thinning hair. Also, bald spots will appear where the extensions were located. Women in this condition are recommended to use the highly-effective powers of Provillus to restore the scalp’s health and encourage the growth of new threads.

Other types of extensions are applied with glue or sewed in to blend better with the natural hair. These methods are even worse for your health and may even lead to complete balding. If you have just removed your extensions, you will notice that your threads now have a soft texture and they break easily. By using a hair regrowth remedy like Provillus you will be able to cover your bald spots and strengthen the roots of your remaining locks.

Provillus restores your natural mane

Provillus is a cost-effective baldness treatment that has no side effects. More than 94% of the women suffering from the negative consequences of extensions have regained their healthy mane in only six months of using this product. Balding can be prevented with reliable hair regrowth medication and this 100% natural remedy is the best on the market.

Doctors are more confident than ever that baldness can be cured. This is why they prescribe treatments containing minoxidil to their patients. This powerful compound has been revealed to contain miraculous hair growth properties. Provillus includes a large dose of minoxidil in both of its gender-dedicated versions. By blending this substance with a mix of plant extracts and natural minerals, researchers have obtained a guaranteed solution against thinning threads and bald spots.

Provillus is so efficient that you can still wear extensions from time to time without affecting the health of your natural locks. A constant intake of this hair loss treatment ensures that your body receives enough nutrients to generate the regrowth even if you have synthetic threads adorning your head.